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1. What is my trash service day?
2. Whom do I call if Athens Services does not pick up my trash or green waste?
3. How do I dispose of furniture or large appliances like a refrigerator?
4. What if Athens Services does not respond to my complaint regarding a missed pick up, or does not pick up a bulky waste item as requested?
5. Athens Services picked up my green waste with the trash and put it into the same truck. Why don’t they collect green waste separately?
6. How do I order a temporary bin so I can dispose of extra debris?
7. When is the next Household Hazardous Waste Roundup?
8. I live in an apartment. Why do I have to pay for trash collection service?
9. Why doesn’t Azusa start a recycling program?
10. Why does trash collection cost so much?
11. Whom do I call to discuss recycling in Azusa?